Stacie Joy’s photography both captures and captivates the soul, whether it’s her “pictures of picturesque people” or her documentary work.


The photographer of choice for those hosting or participating in a variety of adult events, ranging from public free-for-alls to chic velvet-rope exclusives, Stacie’s work freezes the moment to offer a you-are-there view of happenings most wish they could attend. She covers fetish shows, LGBTQ parties, burlesque performances, BDSM events, erotic reviews, nighttime soirées, art installations and sideshow acts. (On occasion, also does commercial work for food, editorial, and industry, including television, but admits to this only when waterboarded.)


In addition to being in demand for her skills as a photographer, Stacie has also made her mark as a mentor and teacher (albeit a self-effacing one) to many other photographers of varying levels of skill and experience. She willingly shares her knowledge and editorial skills, taking as much pride in witnessing their development as photographers as she does in her own prolific photographic output.


Based in Manhattan’s East Village, Stacie has shot all over the world—except for Tierra del Fuego, McMurdo Station, and Shangri La.